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Our names are Sherry & Garrett. We have 2 kids now, Addy & Berkeley, as well as 2 dogs, Diesel & Axel. We are avid “experiencers.” We love attending music festivals, far-away tourist attractions, & any local events we find intriguing! We once thought of lodging as “just a place to sleep" until we decided we wanted extraordinary memories, lasting adventures, and a true home away from home. Where you decide to stay is a special gathering ground for your group -- a place to reminisce about the day's events while cracking open a cold one. The property should be an experience in itself! We started Trippy to create exactly that. We hope our guests, you, will want to share these memories with all your friends & family.
We all have experiences that we will never forget. We hope that your time here gets added to that list!

Charitable Giving Pledge: We believe businesses are created to serve their community. We are always looking for ways to give back to the community and pay it forward. Guests that stay at our properties will now have the opportunity to have us donate a portion of their payment to a charity of their choice!

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